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  1. if people quit on you it doesn't count as a win. i have 26 wins and still no achievement. most people quit on me though, i dont know why, they are usually kicking my balloon. might be that the game gets disconnected?
  2. those little jelly blobs in pipstrellos cave level. also, the weird lizard shopkeep in the store. yellow knight? why does everyone keep saying pink...lol yellow is unisex, pink is just gay.
  3. jreed1337


    and there is over 3000 hackers on there now, not 1000...
  4. the weapon is actually great. it doesn't take away anything, and doesn't add to strength, so its perfect for leveling up the little guy. i played by myself with the alien and was level 21 at the dock. that is only 1 playthrough! granted, i whored the troll boss and leveled up 7 times on him... hehe. gotta love those little troll buggers
  5. send me an invite if you want. ill use the industrialist. i am on the ninja ship level, so if you are before that or on that level, that would be good. just send me an invite if you ever wanna play...
  6. or if you are good enough, you wont need his help. stick with the giraffe... hes the best. ive had no problem beating normal or insane mode with any characters, and ive never used any orb besides giraffey. just get better at the game...
  7. are there any arcade games with more than 200 gamer points available?
  8. cool idea, but it just looks bad. low quality, obviously no real time invested to make it look nice.
  9. what do i care if he is a mod or not, he is an idiot. im not going to just sit back and let him be a moron just because he is a mod.
  10. Also, Denivire....What did I say that was politically incorrect? You have no right to quote my text, then change it. What gives you that right? Especially when I said nothing wrong? I think I will just start quoting all of Kelly's and DanP's posts, but change them to my liking. Sounds legit right? Re-read. As you can see, where I have put in bold, you state "like any other american?", but the internet is not only available in America, but pretty much the rest of the world as well. Also, I have every right to quote you, and change it. It's my right through freedom of speech, and since this was not stated for legal purposes, it is perfectly reasonable and allowed. I just did it to an extent that I prefer, as I personally am very meticulous about spelling and grammar, and as a Canadian, find it slightly offensive to exclude every other country and all immigrants for their rights on the internet as well. This is why I modified the quote. There was no need to react the way you did. i wasn't excluding anyone you idiot. i was just tlaking about myself, an american. if i was canadian, i would have said canadian... just becuase I said who i was and where i was from doesn't make me politically incorrect. you are freaking idiot dude. i wouldn't have reacted the way i did if you weren't such a retard. you can go love yourself
  11. and not to beat a dead horse but... it isn't their fault about the new DLC. it is ready, microsoft just has not released it yet. so it is 100% out of their control! use the search function dooooood
  12. old news... there are a million other posts like this. dont you think behemoth is aware of the problems and trying to resolve them? what is wrong with you people
  13. Also, Denivire.... What did I say that was politically incorrect? You have no right to quote my text, then change it. What gives you that right? Especially when I said nothing wrong? I think I will jsut start quoting all of Kelly's and DanP's post, but change them to my liking. Sounds legit right? ...
  14. thanks for correcting my grammar and spelling, i certainly appreciate it. i just stated my opinion. if you guys dont like it, dont respond to my post. just ignore it. you have started your "flame war" by replying. if you guys don't like what i have to say, thats really to bad for you. this is an open forum, i broke no rules, and i have a right to express my opinion. i did not state anything negative, you interpreted my response as negative, when i was only disagreeing with your ideas. you just dont like what I have to say. deal with it, ignore it, or leave the forum.
  15. cuz i was interested to see what the thread was about? am i not allowed to post freely on the internet like any other american?
  16. eh...sounds complicated and unlikely... would make the game way too easy also, as you dont even take hits when you ride those things (if you know what you are doing)
  17. haha, too cool. where can i put in my request for a blue knight?!?
  18. i would like to play some insane mode. i dont have any gold skulls yet. =( ill play with any character, i have them all now. i would like to get my industrialist a gold skull. add me to your friends, and send me an invite at any time. my gt is jreed1337
  19. ya, where is the giraffe on this poll... its the only animal worth using...lol.
  20. ice boss is stupid. he is sooooo easy to beat, annoying to listen to, and most liekly the dumbest boss in the game. also, creating a fan club for a boss from the game is... well... radical dude!