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  1. you're part of the "memberz" group, so you're in. Please check both your spam folders as well as your parent/guardian's e-mail accounts. They may have used theirs instead when they helped you register. PM me if you can't find it. I just got home and recieved my email so stoked!! thank you so much.
  2. why wont the behemoth let me in i have all requirments and my internet is super fast?? (i Checked) there is still room in the beta but they wont let me in!!! why is this?
  3. It is Monday, I still have not recieved my email are there any left can we have some statistics? someone please cheer me up i am worried that i will not get excepted into the beta someone please (maybe an optimist) cheer me up!
  4. moderator please lock this it was a fail
  5. the file did not upload grrr
  6. This is my first fan art for Castle crashers i tried something new it came out okay ill do a sketch later. Tell me what you think.(constructive criticism is fine)
  7. i'm am entering a state of worry. i still haven't been invited yet anybody that lives in NY gt there invite yet??
  8. I am off on break and this is my last day so we have school tomorrow which sucks for 2 reasons. 1. This week is going to be the longest week of my life (waiting for beta). 2. Break should have been this week so i could play all day. Anybody have the same issues?
  9. I haven't got my email yet either . Hopefully i will get in today or tomorrow. Honestly it does not matter what day i get in as long as i get in. Good Luck. -Ryan
  10. Moar art!!!!! your style is great i am becoming an artist using different programs and sketching but i will never match with you!!
  11. I read it again and must have missed that part but thanks for your help
  12. Anyone get their invites yet? i haven't checked my email this much in a long time. If you got in you are extremely lucky. I am still patiently waiting for my invite. I have been preparing by watching tons of youtube videos about the game and Dan's speed art! anyone else preparing more than me?
  13. I read all of the documents but i must have missed it so i was asking the forum for help
  14. I am registered for the beta and are wondering if that when the beta comes out i could film (make gameplay videos) about the beta, is this allowed?