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  1. Hello all bbt lovers out there! I'm currently and will be streaming bbt on in HD trying to beat it on insane while getting all A++! If you would like to come check my small stream out and chat id be thankfull! Hope everyone is enjoying the game as much as I am! thanks!
  2. It's been 1 hour and 30 minutes since it hit midnight and I can't stop this fever which has taken over my body completely... I don't think I can survive another minute without BBT spread all over myself. I continue to refresh the xbox live arcade page over and over just wishing I would see the sad hat of a man and all of his tears flowing from his beautiful sculpted face.. I'm on my last bit of food and water now I don't think I can make it... Someone help me I can't sleep and the urges are taking whats left of my soul. I want the explosions of hats and gems covering my room until I drown in them and accept my gorgeous death. You can't take the gems away from my cold sweaty hands! ~!~!~!~!~!