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  1. banned for being from the future
  2. hey whats up with dragcave? is the server down or some thing?
  3. fails for not coming out with Halo Wars sooner Microsoft
  4. banned for not having them (also banned for hating on dragons)
  5. umm plz help my eggs or they will eat you! (idk just plz click on them)
  6. ive clicked on everyone on this page that isnt an adult plz help mine!
  7. Mine is Bryan Zeno and Bryan is my name and Zeno was the first non-exsitant word i could think of so i stuck with it. ( i like to not add numbers to my nameto keep it origanal(( one time i spent half an hour trying to figure out an origanal name))please help my dragons click on them!)
  8. (answering my own) fails for being given
  9. Fails for not eating the food i give them (jk) homework
  10. banned for not putting the "g" on hating
  11. dont know who he is killer bees
  12. Banned for walking on sunshine
  13. I don`t know ummm rope (idk)