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  1. banned because .... (thinking of reason).... of........ banned...... girl
  2. can't get on here that often (homework) can someone get me a lava lamp head

  3. Gamefemale, listen. Going to a convention is like having Christmas two days in a row, both days in an empty Disneyland. With free Mickey lollipops and the ghost of Walt Disney and Leslie Nielsen giving a director's commentary. A four hour drive is a small price to pay, and the tickets are both cheap and available. I heartily recommend giving it some consideration. I'm only 15 though, and I doubt my parents would let me go. Tell them how much it means (assuming this means a lot to you). I wouldn't surrender this opportunity if I had it, so just do it! And remember to buy me a plush Grifball! I tried that with a Wii U, but they said no. I'm still trying to this day, but I doubt I'll win, so I also doubt they would let me go to RTX. well that's not nice, right girl
  4. because your a girl, girl why is the world spinning?