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  1. oook I get it. Thanks and Sushi, I avoid 256's as much as I can. If I host a game and there is one, I kick them. If Im in a game with them and they go to the barbarian boss I leave. They really ruin online for me, there so many its super rare to find even one game without one. There should be an update so you can see the highest level the players have before they ready so you can kick people with level 256 characters. P.S. Nice Scott Pilgrim icons.
  2. Why is it that when ever I play with a level 256 they always want to kill the Barbarian boss? Does it give them something? Is it some sort of Glitch? what?
  3. I agree, I always thought there were freaky pink otters. They don't have any significance, the whole point of the end is to be surprising and a little creepy in the fact that everything is way to happy in a game where you chop peoples heads off.
  4. I got a level 96 Blue knight. I need help at the full moon level on insane.
  5. Fighting a giant waffle would be awesome! Why do you want to fight tofu? It will just be a slightly jiggly white cube. A Waffle is just crazy.
  6. I've been playing castle crashers a lot lately and I was thinking about how I could make it harder. Then it hit me. Going through the game without using skill points. I know its not much but I have tried not putting skill points into defence before and by the time you get past the desert 3 hits will take you out, so even that was hard. Has anyone ever done this before?
  7. I got a level 84 (Or close to that) Blue Knight and I am stuck on the Desert level. I could use some help, even if you level 50 that would be a lot better than going at it solo. My GamerTag is FuocoFire, add me and send me a message if you are up for it. P.S. Don't PM me on the forum as I do not come on that often. I Won't have Live for a while as I now need to wait and get thw wireless equipment as the TV area has changed and I can not connect to the internet with my Xbox. PM if you want to join me when I get live back but don't expect me to add anyone has a friend or respond to Xbox messages.
  8. Hey, Im at that same part on insane mode. If you haven't already got back from florida and beat it I can help. I got a level 77 Blue Knight, so my magic does a lot of damage. Me and a Friend got to the Skeletons and he had a level 49 Red Knight. So If I went with you can Chris we would be able to do it no problem. P.S. If you didn't know my GamerTag is FuocoFire. So add me and send me a message when you are going out.
  9. Wow, this was acctually pretty good. I liked the Red knights super magic attack and I also liked how much of a jerk he was and skipped the end scene. That was the best part "Nope were skipping it and heres the credits" I also like how they hate each other. Good Job!
  10. FuocoFire


    I was playing Castle crashers and I was going to start a game when I accidently started "All you can Quaff" When I noticed I quit right away but when I went back to the title screen there was no music. The only music that played was the fade away music when the loading screen came up. Im not sure about the character selection screen but the music came back when I started a game. This wasn't the only problem I found. I was playing online with 2 other people and we went to fight Medusa. It was fine but when Medusa's music was supposed to play the victory music started (The music when you get to see what you gained from the level) This was very confusing, it wasn't a large problem but it should be look at either way.
  11. Insane mode is truely insane! Im currently at level 69 or something very close to that and I just got live. my Gamer tag is FuocoFire. I'm done school and currently do not have a Job so anytime in the next week is fine, just send me a message with the time you want to play and I will be there.
  12. I'll join (Live Name: FuocoFire) And just for the record im not a level 256 noob. (I hate those guys )
  13. Since its at 900 000 at 8 months, and 900 000/8 = 112500 that means it will be less than a month, math wise. yet there were people who got it right away because of A:HD. So, 2 months from now, 8/19/09 7:35 PM
  14. I am not sure if anyone else has found/reported this glitch but I found it and I haven't read anything about it yet. I went to fight the Necromancer, he resurrected his guards and I was fighting them. I was fighting the last guy when I killed him while in the air. Then I was stuck, but I think the guy (Who was big) grabbed me before he died because I was floating in the air with my sword down. I couldn't move until the Necromancer hit me.
  15. Im going to be on Friday night, maybe around 11:00 PM till 12:30. I am trying to beat the game with my Red Knight. Hes only Level 10 so who ever is going to join I hope you don't mind starting close to the begining. Gt: FuocoFire Hope to see someone there.