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  1. ICleanWindows

    Game 4 - Xbox One

    That'd be really nice
  2. I was hoping to get 100% completion with BBT, but unfortunately due to many factors (school, personal life, etc) I was unable to get online and receive the wheels head. Will there be a second chance to get all of the heads for anyone who missed out? I'm sure there are plenty of others who got the game late and missed out on earlier opportunities.
  3. ICleanWindows

    Castle Crashers Vs. Battleblock Theater

    Battleblock was an interesting experience. It had it's moments of humor, struggle, and the occasional annoyance. I generally only play it now for ball game or when the new fur bottom comes out as I have every non star head. I can't help but feel like it was a step back though, yes there were adult jokes but the whole experience seemed like it was tailored to younger kids. It just don't have the same feel as Castle crashes to me. Stamper was great at first but I'm basically able to say everyone of his lines along with him so I find myself putting him to lower and lower settings. There's just a general vibe I get from castle crashers that isn't there for BBT. But to each his own, play whatever you like
  4. ICleanWindows

    Someone 1V1 On Ball Game

    <-------- Gamertag. I'd be up for it whenever I'm on BBT. No Grenades, but dunking is allowed.
  5. ICleanWindows

    Arena Ball Game Glitch

    The behemoth is aware of the issue, I believe Dan said something along the lines of "if you have a problem with it don't do it, if not do it as much as possible before the patch." Don't take my word as anything official though. Oh and also, you can block it by using the fan.
  6. Or else you shall receive a gentle face punch from the NDA fairy, I know from personal experience AND LET ME TELL YOU, it is most gentle indeed!
  7. ICleanWindows

    I Wish I Could Do More With Yarn

    I don't think so, if they had that then they would have made some notification that there was further use for it.
  8. ICleanWindows

    Skipping To The Last Level

    That's a little vague for a description, try to be more specific. Which level of which chapter was this in? Did you unlock any achievements for getting to the end? Try to be as specific as possible about the situation and I'm sure it will make getting help much easier.
  9. ICleanWindows

    --Fixed-- Unable To Earn Jail Breaker

    I'm pretty sure you should be able to give away a prisoner then just buy another one for it to unlock.
  10. ICleanWindows

    The Official Ball Game Tournament!

    Where do you keep getting these awesome pictures?
  11. ICleanWindows

    New Battleblock Ringtones!

    gotta love the chippy chips XD
  12. ICleanWindows

    New Battleblock Ringtones!

    Thanks for that, kinda posted in a rush
  13. For those who you who don't check the DevBlog the behemoth has released several ringtones and sounds effects from BBT! They have a free downloadable folder with both the mp3's (for android), and m4r's (for iphone). Just thought I'd let you guys know
  14. ICleanWindows

    The Official Ball Game Tournament!

    it'll happen, it just needs to be organized.
  15. ICleanWindows

    The Official Ball Game Tournament!

    I can get on whenever it's time , but yeah zalak should put times for each match. UMM IDK!! EVERYONE GET ON AT 3 CENTRAL TOMMOROW AND THEN 5 CENTRAL THEN 7 CENTRAL!??!? THEN 9!?!? AHH They can all be at the same time, they just have to be organized.