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  1. Next to the article under related games it says : "Game 3: Xbox360" That could just be a guess by them... what do you think?
  2. Based on the current trailer what would you call game #3?
  3. Seems like characters are customizable... alot are similar with minor differences...
  4. I just hope its not 360 exclusive... some PC love would be nice
  5. Nope... one of the minigames is PDA... the others are city chase... Chicken Licken... Stack em up... Cannon Blaster... and PDA... and there might be another I forgot...
  6. So I decided to buy it for the heck of it It's minigames based off Alien Hominid... Beat it in about a day... Now I have all the games... They are all pretty hard but once you get thier trick you can beat them really easily...
  7. Do you guys remember Dan saying the note on Kellys desk in the office vid... that could be referring to controlling the robots...
  8. Has anyone gotten it? Is it any good? Did Behemoth make it or did they just license the characters?
  9. Anyone else think the part I highlighted pink might be a reflection of the person holding the emerald? Also... the robots are holding the shopkeeper while ??? steals emerald? Maybe a lemmings type game where you control the robots... and you play as the guy holding the emerald... stealing different treasures...
  10. Kirby started out as just a filler graphic they where going to replace before the game was released but they ended up keeping him... I think it's just a filler graphic though