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  1. I've got one, too. Maybe put some sort of filter that would detect how many experience points people have. If someone has -1 experience, they would get booted out of the game. Simple, but effective.
  2. Here's my funny moment: Eat a sandwich=I AM ANGRY!!!
  3. Everyone, post your funniest moment in CC. Do pictures if you need them to enhance the hilariousness. Also, I don't know if this is off-topic, so tell me if it's in the right place. Thanks everyone!!!
  4. Yes, but it's still hilarious, even to this day. LOL
  5. they're too sweet. My avatar
  6. Maybe unlock him by killing X amount of aliens? Thats a good idea.
  7. its not funny to me. this emoticon:
  8. They're not big. Huge letters
  9. fails because CC should win an award and we don't know yet. Homework
  10. Can't beat underlines Spiderman
  11. They're not geeks. This underlined, italicized sentence.
  12. Fail because people who play them too much don't have a life. This emoticon:
  13. Thanks, I rarely come up with these things. Whenever I do, it always is a good idea to add it to a game.
  14. waddle dee fails bcause he gets killed 2 often. Fable 2