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  1. So I haven't been on the forum very long, mainly to get on the beta. It showed my member status as hatchling level 1, I only have about 30 posts or so. I went on today and now I'm listed as "advanced member" with no level attached to it. Not seeing anyone else with that title, anyone know what's up with that?
  2. Yeah he already said there weren't 10,000 forum members, and that's a requirement, therefore all forum member were accepted
  3. The 28th. Ok cool, that's what I figured. The email just wasn't very clear
  4. Ok, so I'm guessing that the download codes for the beta is going to be in future email? I got accepted...just not sure when we will get the codes.
  5. Waiting for the private beta forum before I go throwing out my tag. Patiently awaiting the next mass email so I can get more info
  6. I'm surprised at the number of posts asking stuff clearly laid out in the agreement. I get we are used to just hitting accept, but in a beta that has a bunch of rules and actual jobs for you to do, that stuff should be read. How else are you going to know what your responsibilities are?
  7. Got mine yesterday, I think they are still adding people so there's still time
  8. Is there going to be an announcement when all of the 10000 spots are filled? Been anticipating this game since it was announced, and I've been checking my email like a madman hoping that beta invite is there. Just want to know if the cutoff day is the 28th or if you will still be adding folks after that