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  1. each have 1 good character a repeat char.; 1 good weapon and one bad; and a awesome animal orb that will occasionally shoot stuff.
  2. HockeyJJ


    you probably air juggled every one of them into a corner each round... cheater! HEY!! its not a cheat its a STRATAGY
  3. full moon, the sky in the back and the ground looks the best out of all the others, plus a craping deer flying across the screen!
  4. just give up he hasn't been on since the smashin brutes (epic fail)
  5. beekeeper is my fav for the spider form. the bees in his RT+Y really dish out damage.
  6. no put a lot of work into it and make something we will all be proud of
  7. yah same here but it works with some and it doesnt with others....we allready discussed how the online isnt the best there is.
  8. werent one of the first rules on the forums not to swear?... and this should be in the art section.
  9. you know i have never played from level on with the elemental knights in a 4 player game before...
  10. yah and btw if after it gets released and the king pack becomes free ill probally kill myself
  11. well atleast his first topic wasnt just flaming...
  12. HockeyJJ


    i think this is a great idea, lets make it an honest to goodness contest!! I will make another thread, and you can submit DATE and TIME and the person who is closest (or the few closest) will win SPECTACULAR PRIZES which will be announced shortly! Stay tuned, I'll start a new thread for this shortly... weeeeeeeee! kelly sounds good! need some more information though.
  13. banned for being in this topic instead of working on the brute sig.