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  1. little late there dont you think?
  2. dont u think we should wait till the game comes out before we talk about lag?
  3. true true, his current magic jump is pretty awesome
  4. Wouldn't it be cool if the necromancer got to keep his wings? Instead of having a magic jump where there's like an explosion of bones on the ground wouldnt it be better if he did one huge flap with his wings for his jump. Then he gets to keep his wings and look cooler
  5. seriously you guys have to read the thread before you post, cmon
  6. u sir, have a very good idea. that would be perfect. i love the alien and its so annoying to get no stats! i hope the behemoth takes a look at this
  7. also if you look at his magic its a copy of skeleton and cult minion so he would have the same magic but just have a pointy hood. i dont mention the fire magic when he calls down asteroids of fire because that wouldnt fit into rtb rty or even rta
  8. my fav color is blue and i gotta thing for blonds buuut did u have to put the orange princess in to mess up my vote! so undecided.......
  9. yeah cheese and rice are why not just spend the two dollars, the behemoth makes really great games and needs money to continue the process. besides, a DLC code was given out for castle crashers, and the king pack so all you really have to pay for is necro
  10. in reality ive only really convinced one... but another friend of mine loves it and on the cc birthday i tried to get him a code. Hopefully ill get it and give it to him
  11. you have a very good point there very believable indeed
  12. hmm i just checked, the industrial prince has a different crown so its not him.. maybe the bones are their just to add the the look of evil