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  1. But whatever you do, when you see a person with the level 256, LEAVE IMEDIATLY. They have used an in-game exploit, which allows them to gain a higher level the the cap is, which is 99. 256 does not only ruin your game, but put you in the riskzone of being 256 yourself. You do not want to be 256, trust me.
  2. Don't get any expectations. Castle Crashers 2 will most likely never be out. People think that the sequel will be better than the previous one. If it does not fit them, they declare it a failure.
  3. User above's username is awesome.
  4. Wait what? There's no druid.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBB-fJPT3Fc&NR=1 Speaks for itself.
  6. Gam3, yes, Gam3. Block Bust--- nevermind. Column Collectors. Cube Clutches. Corrosive Klos. Brick Breakers. Brick Crashers. Game 3. GHAYMB NUMBHA THUREE!
  7. The PSN would probably do well. But here's the problem - do many toast--- I mean, if they wanna put it on the PSN, it will cost money, also you will need more servers, which cost money. Not only that, but then there would be the problem if it would sell more or less. I'd say, get 30% of all PS3 owner to say they want CC on PSN, and it might be concidered. Though, then again, it would slow down the development of Game 3. And also, if not succesfully sold in larger ammounts, it will only cost TB money. In other words; it's a 20% yes and 80% no(?).
  8. Just another reason not to live in America
  9. Cat Fish boss, or Necromancer.