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  1. would i just have to delete my castle crashers game and downloads for it and then redownload to get rid of the glitch...? So far that is proven not to work. Honestly I don't know what to tell you. If you still want to play it, you can always make a new GT and play CC through. Even though I already posted something like this the Best Way is to reset your Character
  2. Start the Game hit player Statics then reset the Character
  3. Banned for Banning a Banner who Banned The Person above.
  4. Alien Hominid difficulty is far harder then Castle Crashers. CC:4-10 Difficulty AH:9-10 Difficulty Area 3-3 has A Really Confusing Boss. I am Still confused on that level. Anyway if you want to try AH Buy it this week I bought it yesterday.Alien Hominid has Difficulty's 3 In fact: Easy,Medium and Hard. If you and your daughter want to Give it a try Start on Easy. P.S. Thanks Behemoth for Cutting AH Price in half We Really Appreciate it
  5. You talking about me or Rick Astley? Rick astley is Stupid I Just thought putting a Rick Roll Would be Random but if your talking about me I don't Really Appreciate being called Gay When I am not. Anyway Banned Cause I Said So!
  6. Dan Got a Idea In some Spare time since your a 10 * Artist (In my Opinion) you should make a Scene of the 4 Knights Fighting Barney and Elmo That would be a Scene and Make sure Alien Hominid Gets a Scene.
  7. Banned for making me unlock a orange re-lated achievement! Banned Because you need to be Rick Rolled -> <-
  8. Banned for Eating cheese with out crackers.
  9. Awesome Image. Btw anybody if You have the 5 Dollars Get it specially if you like castle crashers
  10. Banned cause you Wrote Cause Wrong
  11. banned because you didn't say peace redXxXbuddha
  12. Banned for not figuring out how many Licks in a Tootsie pop.
  13. Then May I ask this topic to be Deleted? Locked?