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  1. ... iendId=all How does it look? Any suggestions, ideas on what I should add/change? (To look at the image on the mask, click the image where it says "CLICK IMAGE FOR 3D PREVIEW.")
  2. Mind telling me what orbs are in the pack? And also, it would be really cool to have the chicken orb or the behemoth logo as a gamerpicture.
  3. I think the counter counts to August 26, at your time zone. Right now it says 1 day and my timezone is -6.
  4. I don't really think you could get 15 minute episodes of castle crashers without talking. They might be, however, able to make mini-series of castle crashers cartoons and put them on newgrounds or something.
  5. is it barbarian axe or barbarian ax?
  6. any idea if there will be game #3 figures and when?
  7. the pda games should go for 100 ms points now instead of 150 for two reasons: 1) this game has been out for a while and lowering prices can bring in more purchases 2) For the people who bought alien hominid when it was half price, like myself, have 100 ms points left over if they bought 500 with a credit card.
  8. the only reason i would kick is if their ping is too high.
  9. Obviously coming out on April Fools Day.