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  1. Dawgger

    What happens when the timer hits zero?!

    Yea, your PC explodes, make sure you close the page before it gets to zero.
  2. Dawgger

    I can't sleep :(

    Heres a great way to get to sleep easy. -Do as many push ups as you can in a minute. THEN -Do as many sit ups as you can in a minute. THEN -Lie down in bed. FINALLY -You will be out in a few minutes, make sure you have your alarm set!! For some reason getting out all of your excess energy like that before bed, will put you out no matter how anxious you are. Give it a shot.
  3. Dawgger


    I love you guys.
  4. Dawgger

    Anyone waking up early instead of staying up?

    I have to sleep untill 5, then start the download. I would stay awake but I have to run 6 miles in the morning for cross country and sleep is a necessity. I should be done running by 6 and be game for playing
  5. Dawgger

    Who are you playing with?

    I know a guy who knows a guy, lets leave it at that.
  6. Dawgger

    The whole team

    Yea, like this forum doesnt already have enough duplicate threads.
  7. Dawgger

    cool orange knight

    Nice one.
  8. Dawgger

    The Lonely Castle Crasher

    ha, very funny.
  9. Dawgger

    Do This!

    Ha wow, I thought I was the only person who did that.
  10. Dawgger

    24 hours left :D post gamertag here

    Only because your grammer is so terrible. I would disown you too.
  11. Dawgger

    How much poo is in this game?

    Don't tell bono he will try to beat it!!! Oh wait, bono is the crap! (great episode)
  12. Dawgger

    how will u get c.c.

    Well, downloading it would be the prime option.
  13. Dawgger


    Umm "creeper" much?
  14. Dawgger

    Do we need friends for online co-op?

    I play both of those games and will be on CC release night. Dont sterotype.
  15. Yea, sorry m8 you lost that one.