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  1. Farming is always quite painful in Monster Hunter. I remember in MHFU I spent an entire day hunting Diablos and only got one single Majestic Horn at the end of it.
  2. Played through both of them. Honestly I don't think the solo one was that bad. To be honest it is pretty easy to spot where the hidden spikes we for, so I didn't die to that too much. Overall the solo one was pretty easy to A++ as well. However, I can not for the life of me find out how to A++ the Mushroom Kingdom level. Completely stumped here, unless it was made to be this way. However, I honestly have no opinion for the co-op version. Why? Because I didn't play the co-op version with anybody else, rather I played through all of it by myself (I was controlling both characters). It makes me feel rather pathetic, but I had nobody to play it with (Not a gold member too, so can't play it online). At least I got the head still though, but it sure was an ordeal to play this levels that were meant for two people instead of one. Seems like they would have been fun with another person though.
  3. I have fully completed the single player normal mode in the game (A++ on all levels including encores and secret levels) however no head was awarded. It really makes me wonder to how one is to obtain them. Well now I am going to go off to see if completing the insane mode perfectly nets you anything, but I am going to become severely busy, so it'll take a while.
  4. Hope everything is surfing well my fellow Behemothians. With BBT just around the corner, one can only be excited as to all the new traffic that'll be riding on down in the upcoming weeks! I won't deny, nothing quite beats a delectable slice of game cake.
  5. Zugama


    Really? Honestly I found this game to be much easier to play than many other fighters that I've played, which is part of why I able to get into it so easily. This is mostly due to its responsive controls and having the timing for motions being not as strict as some other fighters out there. You'll certainly be rough for awhile when you first start a fighter, but you'll get much better as times goes by and you better learn the mechanics and characters of the game. Anyways, in regards to CSword123, yeah, it really is a shame that the 360 version hasn't got the patch yet due to the drama Lab Zero went through and Microsoft being generally difficult as always. However, this fundraiser has severely surprised me. I love Skullgirls, however I honestly thought that getting to Squigly would be a extreme challenge. She gets funded, story mode and all, in the first day! Half-way through, Big Band joins the fray, and now at the end, a new third character is going to be coming in as well! Honestly, all of this is just so amazing, and on top of all of that, they are also adding free voice packs along with special free new stages! Because of all of this (and also because we are getting Big Band), i ended up donating 100$ to the cause (Plus getting a PC version of the game might open up more opportunities for me to play with other people as well). Also, as I said, there third character is cleared, ready for take off! There are many, MANY characters to choose from! HERE is a list of all the characters along with story information and playstyles: http://www.labzerogames.com/3rdcharacter/ (NOTE: One of the characters, JuJu, is currently not in here. There is some sort of problem in terms of her copyright, as she was fabricated from a suggestion a person made. Things are trying to be sort out with her so that she might not possibly cause them legal trouble in the future.) HERE is how the voting will work: Now, the big question is, who do you want to win?
  6. But Bob is a very scary place to be. Trust me, I've been there...................
  7. It's better than no bump at all. No, no it isn't. Perhaps it was fate that has destined this to happen. Perhaps donuts, in all of their glory, was meant to return to us a topic. To fill ourselves with the glazing of the ages, cremes of the crop. So that you may all be enlighten to what is to be considered Donut Heaven.
  8. That is what happens when Battleblock gets to be played by people man. It gets into their minds, makes their brains go numb. I believe my brain is becoming numb as well. Should I be afraid?
  9. Zugama


    Hey guys. Skullgirls is going through quite alot right now. Recently the new patch has been released on the PS3 (Microsoft being difficult as always), it has come out in Japan, a pc version is in the works, and there is a major crowdfunding going on for DLC characters! The reason why much of this took such a long time to actually happen? Sadly the many of the people who worked on Skullgirls got laid off. I won't go into much detail, however they are back up and running again, and they are planning big things! This crowdfunding is for a character known as Squigly, in which they must reach $150,000 in order to make her and $175,000 to make a stage and story for her. Oh wait, they actually made that goal, and are quite ahead of that! In fact, this goal was passed on the first day of the crowdfunding! Quite amazing, however the fun doesn't stop there as there are some stretch goals! If they are able to reach $375,000, then they'll be able to make Big Band, which will be Skullgirls' first playable male character (My personal most wanted character, so I am super ecstatic) At $400,000, they'll make a stage and story mode for Big Band as well. Lastly, the final stretch sitting at $600,000 will be a character voted in by the fans! Throughout this whole campaign, they have been revealing characters that one can possibly vote for as the third DLC character. There are characters we have seen in stories, backgrounds, and concept art. This ranges from Brain Drain, Umbrella, the Science Shark who is now known as Stanley, and more! You can find them all on the campaign page, which is here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keep-skullgirls-growing?c=home Currently as of this post, they are at about $300,000. $75,000 more, then we'll be able to see Big Band in the game as well!
  10. Well, they probably provide better company than the bots that like to come around every now and then. They segregate all the other members when they are online, hoarding all of the fun for themselves.They are planning something big, but don't say I told you so!
  11. Zugama


    I've never really cared about the whole console war thing. Personally I play games to play games, no matter what system it is on for that doesn't matter to me. I never had a PS3, but I would certainly find it nice to have one as there are games I would enjoy to play on it (Like the new JoJo game). Before I possible consider getting something like a PS4 though I'll probably go for the Wii U, as I know in the future there will be many games I would play on it (Monster Hunter, Pikmin, Smash Bros. etc.). That might be awhile though, as I just got a new super decked out labtop, which allows me to actually play PC games though. I support all games though, so best of luck to them.
  12. Bleed: An absolute fantastic run-and-gun game with tons of replayability. The bullet time really adds to the experience as well, plus if offers good challenge as well. 400 points. Wizorb: A pretty enjoyable game in the breakout genre with an small RPG twist. A very good looking game as well as people on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World The Game worked on it. For 80 points too! Protect Me Knight (まもって騎士): Man I love this game. Even though it does have a Japanese title, nearly everything in game is in English. This game is an absolute blast. Idealistically each level you need to protect the princess from various monsters, and there is a good amount of them. There are 4 distinct characters to play as where you can level them up in a game to make them stronger (their abilites get upgraded as well). With a story mode, a survival mode, and 4 player co-op (sorry, not online), it makes for a great game! 240 points is a steal! Note: Video won't appear, guess you can only have two youtube videos per post. You can still use the link to just watch it on youtube should you want to.
  13. The beta is going to be upcoming this Feb 28th, so would I be able to still sign up around this week perhaps? Also what would possibly be the times that the testings will take place in? I do know for some days I'll have to go school (Pacific Standard Time), so would I possibly miss out on some of the testing if I were to get invited?
  14. Jeez, I sure have been gone for a long time. School has been keeping me quite busy, so I usually don't find time to ever get on (I.E laziness). How does everything go in the Behemothian world? Did I miss anything?
  15. Hope that you guys had happy holidays and such. I certainly enjoyed mine.