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  1. Yeah, I miss some of the old regulars. There are a few ways to perceive this. Answers for all of them are no xD Cheers R
  2. Thanks, funnily enough I forgot to reply ^.^ Anyway, it is one of the nicest forums I've ever seen, plus there aren't many big posters. Which adds to the community feel.
  3. Thanks! Do you think the price seems right? I've been thinking about it for a while, and 3 bucks isn't much, but it's only a five song album. Of course, popular artists charge a ton. What do you think? Free, let people pay what they want. Either that or increase price waaaay up. Internet marketing is my passion and it's how I make a relatively steady income. Trust me. Cheers Ruaridh
  4. Xtr4M1nty

    HALO 4

    I'm not entirely sure what happened to Bungie when it came round to continuing Halo past the original trilogy. Halo 3 was beast, Halo Reach was terrible imho. I look forward to a new trilogy and the Halo CE remake. Moar Sci-Fi franchise start-ups plox.
  5. I noticed, mechazeep. Still the kindest and best forums on the interwebz at the moment imo.
  6. Hello Behemothtown. Been a while, huh? I'm just making this thread to say that I'm rubbish at making commitments to one place, so that's why both this account and my alt iFurness haven't been online. I miss the hell out of these forums. Maybe I'll become an active member again, no promises though. I've been feeling like I can't commit to anything lately in both games and IRL, mostly in real. I don't like being this kind of member, the kind of guy who'll join a guild be really active and make loads of commitments then one day just stop playing. Basically I came on here to rant about it, and hope that posting a couple of times would help me get back into things. I'm a teenager in a few weeks, I feel far more mature for it too. Anyways, I miss these forums loads, and may one day become active again. For the moment I'll probably just lurk around and read what others have to say. For once in my life listening and not talking. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. Cheers Ruaridh
  7. Xtr4M1nty


    My favourite sandbox game by miles. Game of the year so far.
  8. Xtr4M1nty


    For some reason I can't get to the /en site?
  9. Top 10: Pocket God Fruit Ninja Doodle Jump Angry Birds CoD Zombies Fragger Doodle Army Flight Control Tennis Slam Battle of the Puppets
  10. Nothing. Why do we feel the need to play games?
  11. It's no Unreal for sure but I loved the fact that it was easy to use. Plus I like the small size of AssaultCube.
  12. It's not even a real guild it's just a way to identify us supercallyfragilisticthebehemothforummembers