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  1. The first two were made by the design team. The Furrbottoms Features we currently have right now are not the first two and are player created.
  2. Hey I'm american! lol I don't wear belts unless I'm dressing up and that's only because I tuck my pants in so the belt area actually is kinda noticeable BUCKLE YOUR PANTS!
  3. Only reason I quit is when I play a full round or 2 of something like color the world and I'm by myself against 2 others. I'll try a round or two, but if I cant get a team mate then I just leave. Color the world isn't much fun when its 2 on 1 :/
  4. One thing my sister pointed out that I totally agree with is that we feel that the results sheet at the end should display your time completed and number of deaths. Maybe have your best time posted on or near the little screens in the lobby too?
  5. I believe this is kinda what DarkenedNight was talking about. With smartglass, there may be a possibility of linking the game with the app so that we could transfer data. Hopefully The Behemoth is looking into smart glass possibilities (or more into this idea at all ) with this, because that would be cool too!
  6. They're selected player-created maps. You could probably just search the name when its gone.
  7. If I created the app for this, I don't think Behemoth would approve of someone taking money from their idea? And who in their right mind would do that either way, it should be developed for free to contribute to the community! You could always ask for permission to make it! Or even ask permission to make a sort of prototype and send it in to see if they approve, then they can chose wether or not to take over or let you finish.
  8. they're achievements! Bronze, Silver, and Gold achievements (the higher the points value, the higher the color rank)
  9. I got on the check and see if I got a "Purrham on the house!" but the banner just says that the Battle Block Theater Service is unavailable Oh well I'll check later! Would be a nice birthday gift
  10. Like how normal people play games for the most part, but when it starts getting intense I stand up, but then forget to sit down for a while.
  11. There is a thread on here though that details jump limits and how far you can throw your team mate etc, incorporating this into the design of the app would mean you could measure out pixel perfect maps and almost eliminate the need for testing until you got home and set everything out?I'm quite a wiz at flash and could easily design an online app - of course I shant due to copyright reasons, but... the possibility is there... Sorry I accidentally posted this wrong on my phone. I was trying to say that even without the ability to properly test, I feel as though the app would still be useful in gathering ideas for map layouts. Also as others said, you could use something to represent jumps and throws in the map. A way i'd suggest is if we were able to place little jump and throw animations that are only used as a way to see how high or how far you'd be jumping/throwing someone. The animation would ghost through objects and just be for reference of course, to not interfere with the map. Also if you could make it a smart glass map so that we actually could transfer to the game, that would be even sweeter!! If not, i'd still love it. With the issue of play testing: it is crucial in map design, but you could play test it when you put it into the game! If it doesnt play the way you'd like it to or just doesnt work, adjustments are usually small differences, unless you went and made a bad map from the start. But then again, being able to animate the map, and possibly even use reference animations, would definitely decrease the chance of design errors if you could see it all in motion.
  12. if you go through the theater outside the door of every chapter there's a thing of bars. Make sure he has all the bars at least partially filled for each chapter on insane co-op (except the last 3 if you didn't do the encores of course!) If from those it looks like he completed all of the levels, im not sure what to say :/
  13. Ah, I suppose that is very true. And a mobile version wouldn't work in my opinion as reflexes and good control seems very key to these types of games, especially for play-testing. The only other option would be the ability to hit some sort of "Play" button so that way you could see all the parts in motion so you get an idea of how the map really acts when you'd be playing... but the app would probably forever feel like it was missing something I think. Haha oh well! I'll stick to graph paper! (unless any of you forum members can think of some great solutions! ) Thanks for your input Danp!
  14. Probably not, but the real answer to that question may be answered... Next Week!