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  1. Hahah i hope we just don't get another duke nukem forever and by the time it comes out i have lost all interest!
  2. I hate to be the one to say it, as i have been eagerly awaiting this game since before it was even announced. But is this game going to be canceled? Let me level with you for a second. This game has never been given a release date, yet it has looked as it was on the horizon for a few years. In gameplay videos a lot of the stuff looked done and polished, and i understand its a small team, and i understand they are making sure its expansive, fun, and perfect before they release it. However, its been quite a while, and this generation of consoles is coming to its end. Soon the WII U will be here, and followed by the next consoles from Sony and In this case Microsoft. Maybe i'm being a pessimist, but from a bystanders point of view, i see a lot of signs of a canceled game, although i really hope not, i am looking forward to this game quite a bit. What do you guys think?
  3. To be honest. Its crazy there is no release date yet. Not that we are entitled to one or that we are entitled to the game at all, but I have lost so much hype over the years... Having no release date makes me have nothing to look forward to, or to get excited about. maybe its just me. Anyway my guess is June 16th 2013, or the closest wednesday to that at least.
  4. so i saw this guy and i think he is my absolute favorite, post screens of your favorite too! He reminds me of jurassic park
  5. uh, i don't like people who like to argue.
  6. btw i don't know how many shapes i need,the size,etc.and i don't even know if there are detached frames for the head,body,shield,etc.oh,and zonu,don't get angry,but when i think about:recolor,i instantly think:tyndras. they have frames for head body arms and legs, so its pretty complicated. but if you want the frames, who will make them?
  7. im afraid the won't send you the frames, Kelly once said, if they wanted people to have them they would. Yeah sorry, your gonna have to make the frames yourselves.
  8. daggerx222


    play the crap outta it til your bored. its ok to go back and play a bunch when its refreshing again.
  9. if you look while going through the full moon level, in the background is a silhouette of the poop propelled dear flying past the moon.
  10. daggerx222


    wait, you cant spend a dime yet your getting a new 360?
  11. dont worry, i didnt think id ever get one, but i finally did, copy and paste them in to xbox.com's redeem thing, it works now
  12. i got mine, thanks dan. your the best
  13. WOOOO I GOT ONE FINALLY! Thanks dan :)
  14. ARG this is so frustrating, especially since we have no clue which ones are already taken. ARg ill keep trying....