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  1. People who claim that glitchers make the game horrible perplex me. The game is still fun to play, and the exploits are hard enough to find that they won't ruin your experience. I fail to see how someone else's decision could possibly do anything to harm your impression of CC. Sure, 256s ruined the leaderboards for us, and it's hard to find someone with a character that can't "infect" you, but aside from that they don't harm us in any way.
  2. Because shut your treasonous mouth, that's why. He was such a disappointing clone character that they had to do something to spruce him up a bit, I guess.
  3. Am I still allowed to think you're being extremely creepy if I'm male? >____> If so, then I'm definitely a guy.
  4. Sometimes people buy things? I don't know what to say. Maybe you're just delusional.
  5. Whatever you pick, don't choose King. Because that's my character, and if we ever play online and I have to pick someone else, I will be very upset. ]:<
  6. ... Oh, duck. Riiiiiiiiight. I might actually purchase some of those animal orbs, along with that Clown posted we were discussing a little while back.
  7. It would all have to be loaded as one map, and the maps should follow the Halo 3 rule of "3 Ways to the Flag." Aside from that, it's another excellent idea that will never see the light of day.
  8. This thread kind of implies a certain amount of homophobia... What's wrong with girls kissing girls, exactly? I don't think it would give the ESRB a legitimate reason to change the rating of the game, and the only people that would have a hissy fit are the same people who watch local Fox News, and they're already pretty much ignored by the gaming community at large.
  9. I think Tall Grass Plains is generally used because, if you are playing with a new character, you have access to that level first. To get to Industrial Castle, you'll need to beat Lava World or have a player that's further in the game with you.
  10. Aww, someone's a little sore that Dan didn't take too well to their YouTube video. That's adorable.
  11. Personally, I don't like Blue all that much. I can't spam magic, and his RTY takes to long to hit after the cast.
  12. He's difficult at lower levels. That spinning attack can deplete your entire life bar in one go, depending on your build, and I usually increase my magic to the point at which I can Magic Jump before I can do anything else.
  13. I'm almost positive that you can trade the Ray Gun over to other people. I know that I've seen accounts without the Alien that had that weapon.
  14. Specifically a thong. And with lace, if possible.
  15. I say you just lock it after your next post in a blatant but humorous abuse of moderator powers. Then we begin round two.