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  1. I want the bear to be the constant announcer for all the games. I love the quips and funny quotes. I know he is the voice from the stamper in BB. I want to hear his voice constantly, it's one of my favorite parts of the game.
  2. Has the download hit on Xbox for anyone yet? Also, add me , I am like other gamers, but worse. Gt Snoooooooopy
  3. I like the ideas, I want the bear to be more chatty. Would love to hear those beautiful quips during every match, rather than just when you get double kills or more. I am so fascinated by this game. I love the quick paced table top feel, the exploration, the customization. Go Behemoth Go.
  4. Snoopy

    Developing For Xbox One

    The Behemoth don't like to make sequels , they want to make new games. Despite how much I want a Castle Crashers 2 on the X1, I don't really see it in the cards. Unless they are getting thrown Ferraris and massive deposits into bank accounts by M$, like so many Ferraris they are making forts out of them. Maybe then they will. But I am thinking they will go down a different road, try to broaden the fan base, look at what popcap has done with PVZ, for some reason I feel like The behemoth would make an awesome twisted metal/Mario kart/racing game. They seem to have a love for actual arcades, and what would be better than a behemoth racing game? Maybe a crazy side scrolling MMO? Whatever it is, I will buy it day one, It could be a mystery game that they don't even show details, just release and it would be an instant purchase. Chicken 4 Life
  5. Playlist: Wait Wut? Adventure For 007 level of escaping This will be the first playlist that I will complete. I have been on BBT since the beta (shhhhhh) playing under the alias of Snoooooooopy and have a pretty good idea of what level styles are the most fun and challenging. My levels are focused on using your weapons to slide through the levels. Acid Bubble and Dart Gun are a must. You will have to be a great jumper to survive. It will amaze and not dis-appear err I mean dis-a-point.
  6. 5 Stars for me, easily top 3 playlists so far, seemed they could have beefed it up a little and make it tougher this deep into the features season. Maybe we will get something crazy hard for the 20th FF. Behemoth for the win.
  7. So the scuba head is new and the turkey is out today. And I have been waiting for Snoopy to pop out on some level aswell.
  8. One of the toughest, but best features yet. For any skilled bbt player, like most on these forums are, you can beat it. The design is just different, and very complex at some points. I did get caught once where I had to start the level over. But I die a lot, feel like I got lucky a few times, used the frog and acid bubble, the frog can help a lot on the final stage. 5 Stars.
  9. I believe the concept of star heads is to keep everyone playing. If you play almost everyday, you won't miss any
  10. This could prove difficulty , minus the y Classic
  11. Insane mode is YOLO YASA is the rest of the game. You Always Spawn Again #yasa
  12. So, for the ones on Friday, with 2 being up for grabs, do you think they are doing this as a gift? or that the playlist is so difficult it is worth 2.
  13. I f they are just if FF , that is cool, I just thought it would be nice if you got them for doing things in game. But maybe they are like that, Maybe they are locked until we hit 1million games played or something like that.