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  1. Unfortunately, paradoz isn't a word therefore, a paradox was stilled created out of default.
  2. Granted but when you do execute the second jump, you rocket into deep space. I wish I had pie.
  3. Granted but I don't give you cake (portal reference) I wish for every ornate egg in the world ever made (think of something other than them breaking)
  4. (This doesn't count as an fortunately or unfortunately. It's just letting people know that the game is still on so responde to my unfortunate thing that was the post right before the moving post.)
  5. unfortunately, he borrowed the soul of a lawyer so a paradoz was created.
  6. Amount of money I want...IN MILLIONS!!!!
  7. Fail cuz it's now a robot. Dergins (dragons)
  8. I make necromorph soup with my PLASMA CUTTER (hehehe) and make you eat giblits, guts and goop!
  9. Ghostbusters. 10/10 I don't think an explanation is needed for it's awesomeness.
  10. I pick it up and get kicked from the online party. I drop a piece of Stride gum.