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  1. What theif costume?
  2. Make 'em bigger. Or just post a link below. Anyway, it's nice to see someone else that uses MSpaint (I use it)
  3. Wait, what? I don't get it? I thought he couldn't post the pic here because it was too big, am I wrong in saying that? Cause the simple solution would just be to link it. Am I wrong in thinking this?
  4. to post the image on the website it needs to be 500x500 and apparently the size is too big I said link, not picture e.g ... enessd.png That is a massive pic, but I can link it
  5. I hate to point out the obvious but... Use another site, e.g to upload the file then post a link here...
  6. I think you should make the height smaller, tall sigs just look annoying and unproffesional... THAT'S MY OPINION BTW SO DON'T KILL ME IF I'M WRONG
  7. Furthermore it's not even Fan art...
  8. About making him a new char, I was thinking "Frost prince" it's his son and he has an ice staff... I drew a pic in my drawing pad ages ago and I can't be bothered scanning...
  9. Firstly, thanks for your Brute Secondly, the signature will be standard size, and will show one brute at a time. However, the animation will show each Brute, one after the other (Not sure what type of animation yet, but watch this space!) I know I don't have much of a say but I think it'd be cool if the character appeared and the username appeared below and they both moved opposite ways... Slowly before fading to the next pic... If you catch my drift?
  10. I think my personal avatar is pretty awesome I made this for something else but I think it's ok here On this other site he is telekinetic, telepathic and can teleport... It's why he's Psibat!
  11. I reccomend not just editing the first post but adding them to new posts as you make them.
  12. Is this just a request thread where anyone can accept the request or is it just you who does the requests? Also if it's just you supply some work you've done so people can see how good you are...
  13. Hey guys I know this might be me being picky again but I reccommend saving your pictures as png files. It preserves the quality and I've noticed it's easier to edit pngs.
  14. I demand some Zeepshake! Or I'll get ma lawyers on yah! Yeah that's them... Just cause they're small doesn't mean they're not smart!