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  1. How does this work then? Do unregistered people not get to view this forum?
  2. Sneak peak Dev Blog? Awesome! Defense snail? Awesome! What else can I say?
  3. It seems to me like the Behemoth are dipping into the different genres of old-skool games in each game. So if Alien Hominid was a shooter, and Castle Crashers is an rpg/beat 'em up, logically the next game would have to be something like an rts or a racing game.
  4. I felt sorry for that Halo 3 kid. He had waaay to much time on his hands.
  5. I think off-topic should also have a logo. It looks funny without one.
  6. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WUcIBg6Zq_Q Would you guys still be buying the game if it still looked and worked like that old beta? It's certainly come a long way.
  7. I killed two issues with one stone! EDIT: Jesus, how did I spell Hominid wrong so consistently?
  8. I made an awesome, badly-scanned in comic!
  9. That's fan dedication. It must have taken ages to complete!
  10. I was on the last forum. This one's waaaay better. I love all of you guys .
  11. That was definitely my favourite way to earn an achievement.
  12. I'd played through the game once before I worked out you could head chomp.
  13. I thought the reason the four main knights had colours was because they were special and had magic. If all the grey knights have magic too it makes them seem somewhat... less special.
  14. Can you tell us which songs are in then?
  15. In this day and age, not having female on female action in a game that has hetero tendencies is more likely to cause a scandal.
  16. What was your favourite moment in Alien Hominid? For me it was probably the first time I head chomped an FBI guy and his buddy screamed. One of the many bits of the game where I lol'd.
  17. You could just pump the difficulty down to easy. I think most people could at least manage to beat a level at a time like that.
  18. 2D first person shooter? Like Marathon? That would be awesome!
  19. Red. He has lightning powers ! ||_______ /|||\|/|||\ ||||.v.|||| ||||.v.|||| |||O||O||| \|||||||||/ \|||WIN EDIT: Can you play as gray? I didn't think you could...
  20. My gamertag, DavidDuffyLive is probably the most uninspired name yet. It's just my name.
  21. Signed. I'll probably play through as one of the knights before I use AH.
  22. I still can't get that freaking head chomper achievement. Once I got 44 out of 50 head chomps and then missed a guy. I cried internally for a week.
  23. Can I please have a guy who looks like a pirate and has a cowboy hat? So that's like a beard, peg leg, eye-patch, hook hand and a cowboy hat.
  24. From my understanding, each character is leveled up separately.
  25. I heard about it when it was announced. I've been following the Behemoth since before it formed, around the time the flash version of Alien Hominid came out on Newgrounds.