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  1. I'm going to go ahead and say it... PANSY.
  2. Stop this right now. No one cares about your freaking egg pictures. Stop.
  3. http://www.engadget.com/2009/05/15/zune ... nd-google/ Portable Castle Crashers???
  4. That;s quite a success, though. Good job on shifting all those games/figurines!
  5. Ya I thunk ti will. Mayb u shud red oddur topics to fnid ansers befur poosting.
  6. Doesn't work in Alien Hominid HD.
  7. Or maybe you need a life? Sorry, that was harsh. Ignore me. I'm mean.
  8. It doesn't look particularly comparible with Castle Crashers. It seems like it will be as fun as Castle Crashers, but in a different way. As it's the Behemoth, I am certain hilarity will ensue.
  9. Archaic Stereotypes are always funny.
  10. Presumeably co-op online was too difficult or time consuming to add to a straight port of a PS2, GC and XBox game.
  11. Actually, in context with Francis' advice, you are calling yourself a troll. Stop arguing guys.
  12. Cook the pork very slowly with just the right amount of steam. Smoking it slightly also adds good flavour.
  13. Post some here, bro. [attachment=0]Game #3 2.png[/attachment]
  14. I hope it comes out for everything. Spread the Behemoth love! But of course, it won't. Definitely XBLA, maybe PSN. It'd be cool on the iPhone, though.
  15. Here's hoping for Tricky and Yeti face parts. If Tricky's in, I called him.
  16. True. AH was never discussed like Castle Crashers or Game #3 will be, because by the time the forum came about AH was old news. The little amount of discussion on that board is mostly by people who downloaded AH after CC (and are mostly about how hard the game is .)
  17. Buy the game. You can change the difficulty levels in the full game, and play the PDA games.