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  1. I have some second hand ones off eBay. They seem sturdy enough. I suppose what it depends what you're doing with them. They certainly won't just break after tking them out the packaging.
  2. New topic: What did Killingyouguy actually do to get banned for a week? You know, before he got banned for all eternity? I liked that guy.
  3. The weirdness of his right hand and the size of the shield kind of ruin it for me. Other than that, good work.
  4. My dangle's length in miles. My jiblets' weight in tonnes. THAT'S RIGHT, puppies.
  5. You can just make a free account. What do you lose from that?
  6. The amount of STFU that should have already been said in this thread.
  7. Someone spell Paladin right!
  8. They've certainly been drawn.
  9. Yeah, but this one's the prettiest.
  10. That's really nice. But didn't some one already make a thing similar for Castle Crashers? It'd be cooler if it was a Behemoth one, not just for Castle Crashers.
  11. As Dogchief says, if the Xbox Menu is effected it's probably a problem with your 360 rather than the game.
  12. I'm sorry, what? Everyone else knows what it means. The fact you think it has gay connotations suggests that you have underlying gay feelings for all men in the world.
  13. I thought it was a robot, too.
  14. IT'S NOT SUPER HARD, YOU JUST ALL SUCK. Seriously. Stop reigniting old topics to say stuff like this.
  15. I'm getting better now. Still got a chesty cough and the sniffles, though.
  16. I watched it for ten minutes and laughed every time it looped. It looks like a flying retard gets head butted and then trodden on! I can't stop watching it! It's like crack!
  17. You're characters mostly have low levels, which means you have a life. Good for you!
  18. I made all four and then trod on them for fun.