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  1. ya but im to lazy to wait untill october too lazy or anxious? waiting takes no effort.
  2. us brits/irish are perfect and superior!
  3. you should have said faults, not defaults. a default is something preset or automatic, not an error or mistake.
  4. enter that in the edible pink knight contest on NG. link anyone?
  5. this topic is about the crying. the second post went off on a wild tangent and now everyone has.
  6. i⋅ron⋅ic   [ahy-ron-ik] –adjective 1. containing or exemplifying irony: an ironic novel; an ironic remark. 2. ironical. 3. coincidental; unexpected: It was ironic that Psibat criticized others artwork with such flair, when his own was inferior.
  7. i was not commenting on his artwork. i think it is just fine. i was commenting on his troll-like behavior. shouting "no hait3rz kk ploz" is just trying to pull flamers in, which is exactly what he wants.
  8. Thanks Finnaly a non hater you're just asking for it. don't you get enough attention from your parents and peers who are constantly being annoyed by your desperate cries for appreciation?
  9. this thread is not for you to defend your art "talents". it is mechazeep's art thread. if you can't except that, get out.
  10. I'm british... Wiki Says:Offense or Offence (see American and British English spelling differences Says : offence or US offense Need I go on? it's good, old chap. p'haps we could 'ave some tea and crumpets and put this 'ole ruddy thing behind us, eh wot?
  11. you're not a very good speller, no offense. Ok I'll give you the "Your" part but "Offence" is british... So I think one error in spelling isn't that bad... my dad is british. "offence" is NOT british.