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  1. Heres my first entry i will keep doing more until september but to start off THE ENGINEER!
  2. It's been a while since i have posted on my thread but here is some art i made for mothers day!
  3. lol it looks like emo marshmallow with acne still pretty good though
  4. I guess i'll be heavy with tough guys toque!
  5. Looks like it's coming along well, can't wait for the finished product!
  6. Here's mine surprisingly someone had already taken Colliflower.
  7. Here is my newest master peice This one took around 2 hours to do. here is the fullsize image ... -156383215
  8. i didn't take french this year but i am pretty sure that is wrong... if not then nvm but it just sounds wrong to me.
  9. update: finished what i think is my best photoshop work yet!!! a pic of a goomba! Larger size:
  10. for jaime the shading is a bit off in the hair, and the shirt, because there are shadows on all edges, other than that, your drawings are getting more clean, and i like that keep up the good work.
  11. New sketch, i think i am finally getting the hand of my tablet
  12. although i am not offended, i have been around as long as most of the people who are on there.
  13. it's nice but you should probably touch up the left hand's thumb, it is like 1/2 a cm thick where it touches the gun
  14. they're pretty good, but add some shading and highlights. other than that nice work.