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  1. Being i triceratops ninja isn't hax it is godly powers bestowed on the deepest believers.
  2. SNEAK ATTACK GO!!!!!! here is mine: ... -151373753
  3. He kinda looks like a non icy iceking i like it.
  4. This is the picture i made for my friends birthday card it is supposed to be him but the eye colors were just for fun let me know what you guys think about it. ... -151365481
  5. Colliflower


    I am colorblind, what's the big deal i just confuse colors a bit sometimes, most people think that being colorblind is you can't see any colors. That is complete colorblindness which is very uncommon. red/green, and red/blue aren't that bad so not a big setback. Good artwork btw i like the blob soldier.
  6. I figured i would do it so here is my attempt. ... -150749453 if you want me to i could give you the .ai file or convert it to a .fla also click the picture so that it is expanded and the transparencies are there.
  7. Awesome. (if periods could be capital that one would be it)
  8. None of their games have ever come out on the wii alien hominid came out on the gamecube, no real point in being excited anyhow, wii has bad graphics and is slow.
  9. Nice i can't wait till i get my tablet! I love tf2 and this art is win the only confusing part was why is a red heavy on a blue cart, being pulled by an astrounaut/reindeer spy ?
  10. Thanks (i think) Exactly what is this possum award.
  11. OH GAWD! EPIIIIIIIIC!!!!!!!!! thanks
  12. Heres mine [attachment=0]Arbiter fsjal.jpg[/attachment]
  13. Ok. well, again keep up the good work
  14. so almost everything No offense On a different note, looks good keep it up!
  15. so sad that there isn't any real game events near Toronto or in the northern states
  16. Colliflower


    I think your Illustrator stuff is better imo. (at least i think it was done in illustrator)
  17. I think might make this my video game fan art thread, because i made some left 4 dead 2 art. that is if you guys want to see my hand drawn stuff.
  18. Exactly, i was thinking of something that linked winter to tf2 and then i thought jarate + winter = yellow snowball and then this happened. i thought it looked plain without the spy so yeah...
  19. that is a yellow snowball if you play the game you would get it.
  20. a pencil, a scanner, and adobe illustator cs3
  21. I made this in the spirit of the season. ... -144884577 it was too big to submit.