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  1. I will pay you 5-10 bucks to make me one, I'm serious I would pay more than 10 bucks!!! but i might just make my own now. you have inspired me!
  2. Specify what you want and i'll see what i can do btw Welcome to the forums!!!
  3. Yeah i didn't think so whatever that means i will have to be even more excited
  4. I completely agree!! amazing art keep up the good work
  5. I am just wondering if it will be possible to pre-order game 3?
  6. I am still waiting for my cookie!!! >
  7. Here is mine [attachment=0]Devil Blob 1 eye.jpg[/attachment] He is El Diablo
  8. You have to buy the drunk guy a bunch of drinks then he tells you where to go. it actually got hard in the end... GOOD LUCK CUBOY
  10. OOOH i like cookies that is vampire cuboy! i lol'ed when i played the game and dressed up as transvestite cuboy XD
  11. Does anyone else think that the game 3 pumpkin is pure epicness?
  12. Really? i just use shift + brush and then yeah burn tool.
  13. Naw it is ok, that was kinda fun there should be more things like this on the forums
  14. Here it is!!! tried to make it match style-wise. BTW drawing the leg in that manner did NOT add to the aesthetics! whatevs i think it turned out OK.
  15. I'm workin' on the other half! should be done in an hour or so i may have to stop for a while but i will have it done today.
  16. Yeah supposedly the teacher is too lazy to teach us to use the expensive programs the school already has... Oh well i will use them in school next year for sure
  17. Yeah i can save all the pics as PNG's, and I do play arena sometimes but not too often. So I'll PM the pics of the characters to you! I am working with scratch in a few months in tech, not sure exactly what it does.
  18. OK so the whole idea is that you can click different buttons in order to change the colour of the knight! I have made all the characters so NOW i need someone skilled in acrtionscript to program it! i know some but not enough to make a game so if ANYONE AT ALL knows how to code in actionscript then i will send you the .fla! i am using flash cs4 but can send it as a cs3 file... If the first one turns out well then i shall make a second with EVERY PLAYABLE CHARACTER THAT IS IN THE GAME
  19. you should probably read at least the first 5 words
  20. Uh... hrmm.. well it was ok but nothing went together really i.e the notes, the beats were random and in my opinion the tone of the whole thing and the tempo were off. The name didn't suit it either... not that funky in my opinion... other than that practice! You can only get better
  21. i agree with mecha BUT you should have added a clipping option so it will automaticaly go the the correct place
  22. compressing it made the legs and shoulders darker sorry also bow got clipped a bit