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  1. I made this little guy for my fiance, she loves plushies. I used a basic pattern then just improvised the chicken features. He does have little feet but since he is very round they are hard to see :lol: Tell me what you guys think! :D


    I will pay you 5-10 bucks to make me one, I'm serious

    I would pay more than 10 bucks!!! but i might just make my own now. you have inspired me!

  2. OK so the whole idea is that you can click different buttons in order to change the colour of the knight!

    I have made all the characters so NOW i need someone skilled in acrtionscript to program it! i know some but not enough to make a game so if ANYONE AT ALL knows how to code in actionscript then i will send you the .fla!

    i am using flash cs4 but can send it as a cs3 file...

    If the first one turns out well then i shall make a second with EVERY PLAYABLE CHARACTER THAT IS IN THE GAME :D