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  1. here you go hope you like it! really like did they say "no we wont draw for you !!!!!" cuz this is one of the nicest online communities i know! :3
  2. looking forward to odst!!! w00t you guys think that through best buy they would let me get the bonus card by itself? because when you preorder you can remove the game and keep the card... i wonder if you could that would be sick! / hilarious .
  3. 'no' what?? don't feed the spammers btw i love the plush hopefully going to make one of my own! :3
  4. I am in if i have time tomorrow i will work on it (school )
  5. Happy birthday Dan I made this just for you let me know what you think [attachment=0]dan p b-day.jpg[/attachment] P.S it's a troll cake
  6. I might join depending on how much free time i have over the weekend
  7. In my opinion the wolverine and baraka ones are pretty good except for wolverines neck to head size and the way the neck is shaped as well. rorschach is also pretty good.
  8. THANKS KELLY!!! my friend is ecstatic! I'm not giving it to him till saturday though because i want to play with him when he gets it (he is very anxious)
  9. You are making excellent progress! I'm on page 26. Exciting!! I'm on 25
  10. Can't wait 'till i get a code I would not be sad if i didn't because you guys are being TOO GENEROUS!!!! but would still love to play with my friend PS where and how do we get troll buttons? i can't see anything about it in the party thread or the dev blog post...
  11. I shall get started on it right away! Also due to the fact that i have a very low attention span it might take me a while and also one request per person unless it is a really REALLY good request Then i might reconsider
  12. umm this may be me but it gave me a question asking what 11 / 3 equals so i guessed 3.6 repeated but it said that was wrong and when i guessed the second time it said that 4 was the correct answer you might want to fix that... here is a screenshot. [attachment=0]game bug.jpg[/attachment] pretty sure that is wrong
  13. It's pretty good but his left arm is bigger then his right Other than that pretty good! Also i don't think the blurring will make it look better... don't blur
  14. That's the Fishing Spear. ... le=Weapons Well ACTUALLY he is talking about the broad spear ... road_Spear
  15. Hey guys & girls i got into doing some more realistic art recently so here are my first to realistic pieces of art! They were to big to upload so here are the links! ... cheese.jpg ... cheese.jpg I will also take requests!
  16. lol this is actually the most hilarious thread on here all of that aside i must agree with every other person on here that that is indeed the cyclops not a beaver/mole the quicker you realize this the less embarrassing it will be for you afterwards
  17. Hey the day is done and the code well has run dry but why not continue the festivities today? PARTAYY ! unless no one else is in the party hardy mood...
  18. I hate how people make these contests then never finish them and then they die starve and fade away not to be rude of course
  19. Whenever i scroll down then scroll back up there are these big ugly black lines across the image of the product... here is a pic of what it looks like... also it only does it for some but it does it for a lot of them[attachment=0]screenshot behemoth.jpg[/attachment] its not a big thing but it's pretty annoying...
  20. ARGHHHHHH my brother is hogging the computer that my camera hooks up to do we have to be wearing the hat and can we post more than one pic cuz i have 4 so that you can see all sides...
  21. Hey guys i'm back with some cc fan art![attachment=0]CC BIRTHDAY 2.jpg[/attachment] HERE'S TO 1 WHOLE YEAR OF CRASHING CASTLES! P.S. IT'S A PARTY LET'S CELEBRATE
  22. I have the game and have had it for over 1 whole castle crashing barbarian smashing and bad-guy bashing year, i have both packs but unfortunately my friend with very money-strict parents won't let him buy it I WOULD LOVE to be able to play it with him and my other 2 friends who have it as well!