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  1. looking forward to odst!!! w00t you guys think that through best buy they would let me get the bonus card by itself? because when you preorder you can remove the game and keep the card... i wonder if you could that would be sick! / hilarious :lol: .

  2. umm this may be me but it gave me a question asking what 11 / 3 equals so i guessed 3.6 repeated but it said that was wrong and when i guessed the second time it said that 4 was the correct answer :? you might want to fix that...

    here is a screenshot.

    [attachment=0]game bug.jpg[/attachment]

    pretty sure that is wrong :|

  3. Whenever i scroll down then scroll back up there are these big ugly black lines across the image of the product... here is a pic of what it looks like... also it only does it for some but it does it for a lot of them[attachment=0]screenshot behemoth.jpg[/attachment] its not a big thing but it's pretty annoying... 8-)