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  1. Here is my Birthday drawing!! i only put two chars cuz those 2 are my favourites and also because I am lazy and want to play necro-dlc!! [attachment=0]CC BIRTHDAY.jpg[/attachment] Enjoy rate and comment! P.S. he is using the new chainsaw to cut the cake .
  2. I DON'T AGREE! THEY DO SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME! (atleast i think )
  3. I LOVE THE ICE KING!! I was somewhat disappointed because the battle was a bit to easy... BUT STILL I BOW TO HIS GLORY!
  4. I am going to tell the truth you need to improve, i really dislike your work right now. The 3d is completely off right now, and you need to use a different program there are alot of free programs that produce a much cleaner product so look at how an actual cube looks before drawing one. References are key to good artwork...
  5. I deduce that the time at which the leader boards will reach 1'000'000 players will be June 18th at 5:18 PM pacific time.
  6. I made this video of just the monster here Also does anyone know how to add swf files as a signature?
  7. my first try at flash i think i did a good job for this self-portrait.
  8. he always does this. What does he always do
  9. Colliflower

    Clown Hominid

    That looks really good viamede keep up the good work
  10. where is the alien hominid i don't see it...
  11. Some things that i made in my spare time.
  12. I guess i'll enter a second one because no one else is entering anything
  13. My opera singer flat head style (except for the viking hat)
  14. My first attempt at drawing alien hominid on Adobe Illustrator CS3 tell me what you think of it!!