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  1. Alien Hominid+Dog Alien Colors version
  2. Big Quail

    About the Necromantic Dlc

    Kelly posted 4 more in another topic in the forum.
  3. Big Quail

    It is possible?

    OMG, thanks a lot. I replied, then looked the small letter. I redeem the first one. Thanks again. I love The Behemoth!!
  4. Big Quail

    It is possible?

    LOL, no. lets say, One minute.
  5. Big Quail

    It is possible?

    I was pressing F5 in ther twitter page, and in one second the codes appeared. How is possible that all +20 codes were all already used in less than 1 second?
  6. Big Quail

    VOLLEY-BALL! DLC Minigame Idea! *UPDATED

    What a great idea.
  7. Big Quail

    The Forgotten Knight's Insane Mode Guide

    Woa, Thanks. Now I know why my brother didnt get the Gold skull, he was missing the Horn.
  8. Big Quail

    Free Necromancer DLC?

    Sorry, I am late. So it is possible to get the DLC just glitching 256? It is unfair, is not it?
  9. Big Quail

    Free Necromancer DLC?

    I have notice some 256 glitchers with the Necromancer, The Wizard, The King, The OV grey knight and the Alien. Why can they have them free just by glitching the game?
  10. Big Quail

    Free Codes for necromancer DLC

    I think that you need to make posts. The more the merrier.
  11. Big Quail

    Free Codes for necromancer DLC

    LMAO. Why would I pay for something that may be free?
  12. Big Quail

    Free Codes for necromancer DLC

    Thanks for the info. Behemoth loves us.
  13. I am sorry. I cant find if The Behemoth is going to give free of those like they did with the King DLC. Thanks.
  14. Big Quail

    Insane mode questions

    Yes, random people may have 256. Random people may not want to play on insane. Random people may go to a level you have already passed instead of the one you want to beat. Random people die a lot.