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    my gamertag is DALINATOR
  1. I wanted to know if any one wanted top play bioshock 2 with me or you csn use this thread just to meet up =) (If someone else made this thread im sorry and let me know and ill have a mod lock it) Ok so I will be able to play later today =) my gamertags DALINATOR so if you want to meet up and play come here
  2. I giving a award to felknight fo rbeing a awesome nice guy and for making me art =)
  3. I have to say Little Big Planet,its the best PS3 game EVAR!!!!!! Also I have to say zelda,I know some of you think its gay but I love the whole seris (I just got the new one,spirit tracks) And saving the best for last my fav game evar right now is Dragon Age: Origins Its fun,blood,exspansive and just down right awesome...its one of the best rpgs evar to me other then oblivion,world of warcraft,and can do SO MANY THINGS its over welming You need this game if you don't have it so it can take over your life (jk haha) but really get it
  4. Ya I got it 4 christmas and its SOOOO fun I play as the human warrior sheild and sword and I use the blood dragon... I'm writing this from my phone but when I get home I'll post morez =) Dallas The Savior
  5. hahaha supermans has a boyfriend hahaha "wait why didnt they help that mascot" (do you guys know that refrence?)(the 2nd thing)
  6. ok so I was going to do this but I forgot to mention I was Only doing it yesterday lolz sorry but hey if you wanna talk lol4ever Ill still invite you to one =P I REQUEST A LOCK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  7. I will most likely be playing the saboteur just saying =)
  8. Ok so Im throwing a xbox live party were we can talk,playgames,have fun and make friends...Im hoping for tons of people to hang with me All you have to do is send a friend request and a message saying "behemoth party" and I will invite you to a xbox live party =) my names DALINATOR see you there =D
  10. over 9000 sec.s Ive been on my computer
  11. your SOO OMFG BRAVE you deserve all the cookies =) lolz Can I Have A Cookie Cause I Own 3 Cats
  13. I LOVE my rawr one I just want more...Im a art rawr one you made me is the best so far and I like my shotgun one foolish52 =)
  14. Ok I want my sig to be the GRAY KNIGHT form CASTLE CRASHERS Holding a remmingtin (well look like one) pump shotty and have next to it say "GreyKnight" thanx in advance for the art if you do any and her have a hug
  15. your banned cause I dont want Ronald mcdonald to pillage me