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  1. well i can assure you i never been 256.i dont have any hidden items.and i stick to my claim,if guys see my 99 golds they just immediately quit 'cos they dont wanna play with a hacker [who is 100% legit.] but i have to say the last time i had a mp session i never once met anyone who wanted to do insane (which is all i play).and i gave up when i met a lvl99 who wanted to do normal mode lol."cos it's fun" he said...2 lvl 99's beating normal Barbs "fun" !?!? agreed lots of new players mostly around lvl 30's,but i aint complaining i got other games to play.
  2. my answer goes like this...all my knights are legit gold 99's,i been playin shortly after launch and if you joined my game you'd probably quit thinking i'm a quit your whining.
  3. yeah i'm waiting for my email confirming that i'm taking madbest's place.
  4. lol.....shakey cam!......get a HD PVR...
  5. your struggling with Red on Necromancer!?......use yer y magic....spam the hell out of it!....oh.and it helps if you can get a good air combo goin right at the start of the 2nd wave......Necro is easy for Red.
  6. madbest says he cant play so i wanna take his place....whats unfair about that? when i win i'll send him i pic of the gold xbox....seems fair its madbest who is messin you around not me.
  7. you said you cant i'm gonna take your place....behemoth will confirm.....sorry dude..i'll win n we can share the prize if you can fly to europe. i forgot to put this in my post.....MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
  8. you said you cant i'm gonna take your place....behemoth will confirm.....sorry dude..i'll win n we can share the prize if you can fly to europe.
  9. dear behemoth...seeing as how madbest cant make the tourney on saturday will you allow me to take his place? i am not on tha leaderboards.....thx.
  10. theres no way i'm entering this LAG fest....been there....done the tea thanx!
  11.'d know when madbest hits the forums...legitguy or whoever dont even come close.
  12. where the hell is madbest? forums are dull without him.
  13. pelters forgotten revenge knights featuring that otto dude.....yeah that sounds good.sort of rolls off the tongue.
  14. Insane Mode is impossible for a non air juggler to complete. you say that but i've seen some guy on youtube a few years back who beat insane solo by just random button mashing...true...he did die alot tho....but it was funny to watch.
  15. i am gonna add my valuable contribution to this (because i post alot) and say "...sounds appealing to me.I want this"
  16. you sure have alot to say dude.....
  17. yeah i dunno whats worst....a noobie troll or a noobie spammer....
  18. wanna know my insane mode guide?.....just juggle...juggle juggle juggle juggle....with any knight any sword any orb....i kid you not 'tis all you need to do.
  19. lol....this topic was started over 2 years ago......
  20. If you get a 160GB or 320GB you shouldn't worry too much. They're made to last the longest. We're talking about the original 60GB model here. Mine broke too. thnx for that ....i know diddely squat about the PS3.