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  1. i made another one in a more cartoony style.. Dont enter this one into the prize draw either good stuff so far, keep em coming
  2. havent posted in a while, so i thought i'd drop by. Don't include mine in the prize draw, i just did it for the lols P.S. heres a blank PNG of the original for anyone who wants it.. ... 9h/hup.png
  3. I've done another one, grass type this time: Leafitung I don't mind which number Edit: i've just noticed how much like kermit this looks..
  4. cheers hahah, really!?!?! i'm honored.. i don't know what to say..
  5. Wooohoo my figurine just arrived today words can't express how happy i am right now, thank you
  6. haha congrats, mine still hasn't arrived yet, but i'll post when it does
  7. Thar you go, harold the rabbit isn't exactly buff, but he has enough flab to make up for it Bigger: ... 8hcopy.jpg
  8. if i have some more spare time i'll try and do a better one.
  9. WOOOOOOW, I'm so happy congratulations to the other winners aswell
  10. Thanks Mabelma, i look forward to seeing yours
  11. Mine too, such a wacky image ! haha thanks guys, i really don't know where the idea came from...
  12. haha that sound like a good idea i attempted to make one of mine into a sprite, but it didnt come out too well we should try and get Mercury in, he's good at sprites...