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  1. Check this out: I think it looks very cool Kinda looks like metroid, which is good
  2. Haha Legal drinking age here is 16 You have to be 18 to drive, though.
  3. I'm back from my vacation! And nobody missed me, yay! And a remake of The Secret of Monkey Island is hitting Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow :D I'm just so happy right now
  4. Fails because they rust, have no emotions and are totally hard to understand with their rusty scratchy robot radio voices. Radio
  5. I'll take that as a request, so I'll do it as soon as I have some time on my hands.
  6. It's cool. You didn't just use my concept, but you added your own touch, idea and thoughts to it. Which makes it cooler, and more "you". So I like it . That will be a mystery forever
  7. Granted, and for this one time I wasn't going to corrupt your wish but you didn't wish for anything, so nice job basicly corrupting it yourself. I wish I was a superhero without tights
  8. Banned because the only good eggs in this world, are those in a frying pan.
  9. Lol, they're cool It's funny how you drew the penguins with weaponry, while the penguins don't have any weaponry at all in all of mine I made a new one also (Also added in the first post); 3. I Thought We We're Friends...
  10. You can write a story if you like If you need any pictures for you story just request them
  11. I really like the two animal orbs
  12. You get a bearded dwarf who tells you you don't get anything because you didn't insert anything *Inserts a pianist*