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  1. Wow these look rad ! Nice work man.
  2. It would be cool and I can see it happening. I mean we already have alien hominid and castle crashers on the pc.
  3. Oh my gosh! that must be jake. : ) how awesome
  4. I'm already filled with excitement, I have been a huge fan of behemoth for years, buying and playing alien hominid along with castle crashers, I had to buy battleblock theater, not expecting it to come out today I was filled with joy, asking my mom politely for 20 dollars I bought some microsoft points and purchased this game right away, I am now playing it and am fangasming all over my bed while my hands shake using this controller. I F***ing love you behemoth. You just made a 15 year old boys life. -Aidan Andd out of curosity does anyone else have a similar story revolving around this game ?
  5. I have no clue at all and I use xbox, but I can tell you this: Behemoth will try and get it out as soon as possible!
  6. Good to know I wasn't the only one who had a freak out when the DLC came out. Yes there will be one more DLC, the Can't Stop Crying Pack. It will be related to Battle Block Theater when it comes out. The Behemoth has stated that the DLC will be free if you purchase BBT but it can also be bought seperatley. The only people who have the Crying Pack right now are modders. They'll have the Golden Whale and a few weapons you won't recognize. The Behemoth is working on getting them banned. Im glad there going to get banned and its awesome me and you both freaked out XD I dont know why I was so happy, wanna be friends? BTW I plan on buying microsoft points if I ever get the money so I can get these things: Battleblock Theater Necromancer Pack Blacksmith pack and yeah XD
  7. Animal Orb ideas: Ghost (raises speed) Slime (makes enemies slower for a small period of time) Scorpion (stings enemies) Wolf (attacks enemies with its claws) Banshee (The creature not halo vehicle) (can stun enemies for a short period of time by screeching) (dont know any powers for the ones below) Centaur Gnome Goblin Golem Griffin Harpie Pheonix Pegasus Unicorn Leprechaun Minotaur Fly Jeez you would think I could make a post that does not look n00b like...
  8. What??? There is not frog orb or mr hatty. Now I want this to be a dlc D: -cries-
  9. blacksmith and Pink knight are now official dlc.. I just downloaded the pink knight dlc its free.
  10. So I am not sopost to be up because there's school tomorrow but I made a loud screeching noise out of excitement when I turned on my xbox and randomly felt like playing castle crashers, since I had not played for a while.. and noticed something, 2 new dlc?! I downloaded the pink knight right away and came running to my brother yelling "OMG" BEHEMOTH MUST LOVE US OR SOMETHING, THEY FINALLY MADE MORE DLC! I THOUGHT THEY STOPPED!" Now I wish I had Microsoft points so I can get the Blacksmith DLC. D: BTW this sounds greedy of me but will there be anymore dlc in the future for xbox? Maybe volleyball dlc or more animal orbs or characters or weapons?! Sorry I am just to exited bought the game when it came out and have loved it since, ^-^ (on the xbox not ps3) -sincerely, one of your biggest fans, Aidan. P.S I wanna hug every member of behemoth one by one. <3 love you all.
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome Glad to be back.