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  1. I honestly was only thinking of a single playlist of 9 or so levels, but if people gravitate toward the idea who knows where this could go. i want to make difficult levels, conceptual levels sort of how some artistic games on kongregate or newgrounds are. I have an incomplete playlist called School Of Rock and it has a level that appears as though you've failed but you go on to beat the level and the next level is called detention where the levels completion time is completely random (because its detention and you dont get to leave when you want lol). Basically i thought that since behemoth operates as a team why cant we as a community form teams to show off our talents in creativity.
  2. Would anyone like to make a group to create a full and thorough playlist ? i have a couple of levels to contribute but i'm willing to change them based on your feedback. This will require some teamwork though so if your someone who prefers to work alone i encourage you to branch out a little. I dont know if anyone else has ever tried this before but i believe it is very possible ! Wouldn't it be fun to challenge the level designers over at behemoth to see who can come up with the best play of all time ? I think this is a pretty good idea what are some of your thoughts on creating playlists as a team ?
  3. is it possible to remove the limitation for things like spike blocks and other blocks also. Also could there be an interval adjuster on the lasers and also the automated cat weapon users this way could come up with much more interesting clear patterns. This would allow for much more use of the lasers other than random occurrences they would actually become part of the schematic of the level. Lastly could we get the option to change the direction of the saws ? i feel that level editing is the heart of battleblock theater but its becoming so focused around the heads its sad. If the tools at the editors disposal were maybe given more utility we may see more levels being made. Don't get me wrong this game is amazing in my opinion i just want to see the boom of creativity that i feel this game encourages. What are some of you're thoughts ?
  4. In Ancient Egypt cats were believed to be a very holy and sacred animal. There was even a cat deity said to exact justice and execution to evil doers, they also were said to be guardians of the underworld. isn't it strange that we also have cats as guards in this game ?....I believe that the great storm killed all of the friends on the ss friendship that sad day...all but hatty hattington for he was a gracious soul that everyone loved. The guardians of the underworld wanted to return his soul to the world, but hatty could not leave his friends so when that evil hat was placed on him to remove his soul hattys soul hid in order to help his friends navigate the obstacles of HELL. which would explain why hattys body never moved....for his soul is the narrator. Im guessing the guards used his body to motivate the prisoners to participate in the story . some prisoners would try to beat the obstacles to get revenge on hatty for some believed him to have betrayed them, and others like the protagonist wished to save him...all the while without knowing that hatty was guiding them along the whole way. .....someone please try to figure out the
  5. My name is RockNRolla365 and i approve this message burn them all
  6. If an enemy kills you for the hat then what do you expect and if a teammate kills you for the hat then what do you expect ?...This game is co optional not co operative
  7. My question is which is cheaper...someone sidebasketing when the goal was open and they would of gotten the goal anyway or two people standing on the goal spamming my opinion sidebasketing made people actually move around some but now defense is standing on a basket and spamming your weapon...idk how to get past that...o well sidebasketing is pretty cheap...but this is going to unleash a whole other cheap problem...whats even worse is that you cant even attack while holding the ball so you have to stand there and hope your teammate can remove 2 people and give you a clear shot...and if youre basket is open why complain that they scored on you with a sidebasket... the result would be the same if they jumped and threw it in...i understand that sidebasketing needed a patch but whats the countermeasure for 2 people just sitting there ? 2v1s are now impossible because of this