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  1. Son0fgrim

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but your irested by the police for owning one from 1987. when coke,the drug was in coke,the soda. I wish i had a sandvich.
  2. Son0fgrim

    Party Hats!

  3. Son0fgrim

    Game size

    the behemoth is low budget (no offence) so it will probly be the same size as the other two.
  4. Son0fgrim

    What is the purpose of the XYXY super-flip?

    a way love your mind.
  5. Son0fgrim


    it is the sweetness. yes
  6. Son0fgrim

    Show me your moves.

  7. Son0fgrim

    26 Gold Skulls - Insane Mode Complete at last!

    Nice TV but still, that is incredible considering the time i'v seen you on live.
  8. Son0fgrim

    the truth of "level 256 glitch"

    This thread is just about breaking CC. and to that i say all you f***ing sons of person who trade services can go(edited out due to extremely violent words) and whistle for a baboon to bum F*** you.
  9. Son0fgrim

    Desert cpr revival glitch

    Didn't we do that?
  10. Son0fgrim

    Castle Crashers 2?

    when monkeys fly out of my bum and open a candy store.
  11. Son0fgrim

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    were sent to
  12. Son0fgrim

    Edible wepons

    I was just playing with AcidGlow and came up with the idea of eating your wepon (it most be a food based wepon like the fish or lollypop) for a health boost, but a decrease in attk power. what doyou think.
  13. Son0fgrim

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but you find your self sucked into a blckhole. I wish i could find an organ doner so i don't die
  14. Son0fgrim

    Some stuffz i made for the behemoth in games.

    FIRST POST . but those sre pretty good.