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  1. Its like this in every fighting game happens in street fighter alot
  2. ... unity.aspx
  3. I dont like eny of the start off knights
  4. Where talking about new levels and the pack isnt "new" its always been in the game
  5. I would hope that they do more but i dout it and game #3 dosent look appealing to me at this moment in time
  6. How does a glitch make money for Microsoft? Hes saying people only buy this game to hack it
  7. Well im guess this is not gonna be possile in the PS3 version there gonna fix it so i guess will get the patch when the PS3 is done
  8. Hes abit like the brute his splash is crap against little guys but its good against beefys and bosses And is it just me or does his magic regenerate faster then everyone else?
  9. Whats this like your 10 thread today?
  10. cmon now he just wants to play the game with you. let's be nice Ill play the game with nice people
  11. ????What if a man loves a man