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  1. Me and Pazzo


    Haven't been here in a while, just had to start a new account on XBL, would like to give me all the weapons in the game, please?
  2. If you like Fanclubs, you'll love this Fanclub! This is the Fanclub Fanclub! If you want to join, just reply by saying "I hereby Join, KTHXBAI" Thanks for playing.
  3. I'll try it out! If I like it I'll get back to you and we can play together!
  4. You could actually do this yourself with any program where you can change a pictures tone (like Photoshop) or I guess with MS Paint...
  5. Only time will tell. Maybe they'll take community suggestions then people can vote for what they find best! A few other game-makers have done this.
  6. Why not? It's not like they're useless, you're supporting something you like with the 80 MSP and are getting something in return that you like. :3
  7. I can't believe I missed another give-away! I'll go join the facebook group anyway.
  8. If you beat the game and get your preferred character to level 99, the game kind of gets boring if you just play it alone, which will get you your life back.
  9. Well, you're kind of telling people how to do the glitch...
  10. Wow! For a second I thought you said "If you honestly believe that TB is considering CC2, you're being foolish." Anyway, I would like the story to kind of continue where it left off, but instead of going East in the game when you start, you battle West. Perhaps past those Dinosaurs?
  11. Me and Pazzo


    Create a LIVE account, and you can download the game no-matter what LIVE status you are on. You will need to buy Microsoft points which cost around $20 if you want to get the game. However, you will get 2 months of Xbox LIVE on your account. The first account you make comes with 1 Month of Gold, then you will have a leaflet that has the next. You can make 2 more accounts just to use the LIVE out of them, but then your console will NEVER give you free LIVE again. Games like Shadowrun come with month LIVE trials, but Shadowrun is an online-only game.
  12. I believe you have been lied to, or there was some kind of rumor that is false.