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  1. this dlc mut be free ,because they have waiting too long.the behemoth want it free ,but microsoft dont respect player , and we must paid for this . i wait one more time this dlc . the game because of loosing data , became forget and angry me . i hop in this dlc they are also some fix for bugs. thanks to the behemoth but not to microsoft
  2. IF They release one day on nintendo DS i spend alle my house to have it. they xbox version ,is the true castle crashers versions, but i am proud and happy for the ps3 owners
  3. Well, here is what I think, Blue can be the quiet and serious one, Red can be the angry one, Green can be the nice one, Orange can be the goofy one, And Grey can be the main character! looks like the tMNT ^^ i hope in my opinion a manga or a comics of c.C ... it may be much easier for dan, but a cartoon it were like a dream!!!
  4. impatient !!!!!!!!!!! =^p | |v| | | | | | ||> <|| | | | | ________ O==|====>
  5. i think it is a stuffed enemi. the black one wich apear in the forest. i dont know the name. this is the enemi who disapear when you kill him, and it just let is eyes
  6. i am scared that poeple forget the game when the dlc came out. and i hope new dlc after ,but if microsoft fail this commercial thing, they may never redeal with the game =( because unlike the behemoth team microsoft love money , not true players ... i hope they let the behemoth to be more free with theire fan. the behemoth rocks!!!!!!
  7. oh nice draw dude ! me i use ly nintendo ds in order to make cc draw look: http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/deta ... by_DRS.php http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/deta ... by_DRS.php http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/deta ... by_DRS.php http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/deta ... by_DRS.php
  8. you have got an image of xbox 360 elite in "home " of cc site and the behemoth dev blog home page
  9. thanks Xtr4M1nty =) it is cool because i was scary ,that nobody understand what i said and yeah ! it may announce the necromancer DLC!!!!!! i priest!!
  10. i pull a new topic, because i am french and dont thinki have understand all the post of Dan they (microsoft) may made few castle crashers game controller ?!! with the xbox 360 c.C elite or in a stand alone pack? i found the xbox wonderfull... i think it is really hard to purchase it ^^ but Dan , Tom and the behemoth team realy merit this gift,for this amazing game ,witch is the first game who have makemy xbox live account only for castle crashers^^.
  11. coondog or dogoon / ouafcoon "barkoon" or something like that =)
  12. you could find some of my cake in castle crashers game it reload your life ^^!
  13. "Paladaim" or "raton" or"ratog " frog + ratoon" (brainstorming / chuck;boby,ben,speedi ;wolfgang ,ratops,crazy fox,frox..)