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  1. I just finished watching Yu Yu Hakusho on recommendation from a friend. I have to say I thought it was pretty great. It sort of reminded me of DBZ, but I'm not sure why. I guess they're sort of similar in some ways. But, I'd definitely recommend you all check it out.
  2. The ending was great. The 30-second clip at the very end kind of ruined it though. Well here's to hoping a season 2 actually exists. Although I'd prefer a remake of the series that actually lasts longer. Give some time to flesh the characters out. Don't make a character the antagonist one episode and dethrone him/her the next. Yeah, I know what you mean with the last part. I started reading Bakuman again and its pretty great, somewhere in the hundred-teens currently. Its different but it is still good.
  3. Finished angel beats earlier this afternoon, it was great. Made me cry manly tears ;-;
  4. Decided I might as well check out Angel Beats. The first thirty seconds are more interesting than I expected.
  5. Try using a server closer to you, as that one was 3550 miles away.
  6. You guys have awesome upload compared to me. I can't take a screenie, as I'm on my phone. But peas about 16.4 down, 3.1 up Unless I'm not using wifi, then its like .2 mbs for both. EDIT: On my PC. Also, Valhalla is an awesome name for an ISP On another topic, my friend is moving out of state tomorrow :l . That makes both my best friends living across the country. Sucks, too, he has to give his cat to the pound because my mom says we don't have the money to support it.
  7. I just finished watching Elfen Lied, and it was was good. Aside from the gore and nsfw content it had a really good, albeit sad story. Damn cliffhanger ending, too. Gonna warn you all if you watch it, its gory and somewhat ecchi. I also watched most of the two.Spice and Wolf seasons, and I loved them. I'm afraid to finish them because I want to keep going but I don't have the novels or whatever.
  8. I watched the entire "Naruto" series, then about 45-50 into Shippuden before I stopped for some reason. Maybe 'cause I watched all those episodes in like 3-4 weeks, lol. Anyone watch Fairy Tail? I watched the first 30-40 episodes (There were only like 45 at the time.) Anyone think I should go back and watch it through?
  9. Rizyq


    Is there not an option when generating a world to disable villages spawning? I can't really think of a good argument towards potions/enchantments (as I've personally wanted them in the game for a while, and I haven't even used them.)
  10. Excuse me, sir, you've got a dead ferret on your head. Excuse me, sir, you've got a fish stalking you. Aand, it was one of the first pictures when I googled "spencer locke hair" though looking at it now I'm not 100% sure if it's her ._.
  11. The amount of times I've jumped in Minecraft divided by 10. (Probably more like 100)
  12. Rizyq

    You're banned!

    Banned for not starting the first word in your sentence with a capital letter.
  13. 21 is 3 times 7 (Which is oddly what I thought of when I thought 21.)