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  1. I bet 2 out of the 3 people that put 41+ just did it for laffs!
  2. If this idea belongs in a certain thread, please give me the link to it if you are going to lock. ______________ I had an idea to fix the 256 glitch recently. What if there was a special software update that found glitchers? The update could really be a program to find faulty data on the Castle Crashers file on people's hard drives? In this case, it could be programmed to find character levels that arn't 1-99. If the "scan" comes back positive, it automatically notifies Microsoft so they can ban the players having it. If you want to keep your 256's, you could reject the update and play offline, thus not infecting anybody and ultimately keeping your account. This would eliminate the people who are infecting others and ruining online play while leaving the people who were accidentaly infected and don't want to reset stats alone!
  3. I should take a screenshot of how the page looks now and show my grand kids fifty years from now. "I remember when good ol' Behemoth page looked like this" "WTF that R liek soooo outdated Grandpa!" (Yes, in the future, words like WTF, liek, R, and Doober will be added to the dictionary.)
  4. Can I ask for an option that can ban people from certain threads you make, like the option to keep certain people that are known for spamming or flaming from posting in your threads?
  5. Granted But then your girlfriend realizes that they get along well now so she dumps you for them! I wish the word Doober made it into the English Dictionary.
  6. Banned for quoting a fellow ninja!
  7. Spam thread..... I DARE you to say that to Dan, Tom, Emil, and Kelly's face IRL!
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    Thanks, I just updated to add a gamercard I made in paint.NET
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  10. Haha! Did you really just say that, for real? DanP has called it the NECROMANCER DLC multiple times! He MAKES the content for the DLC!
  11. I could see Dan making his own character going around banninating all the 256's with the d00ber sword
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    wow I have seen so many other threads like this one Mod lockage p10x