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  1. Pelter

    How helpful is the Giraffee?

    I don't think he's really that helpful.
  2. Pelter

    List of Music and where to get it

    Thanks for posting this
  3. Pelter

    CC new papercraft

  4. Pelter

    Off-Topic Quarter machine!(OTQM)

    You get new dragons. *Inserts Visa card*
  5. Pelter

    Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    If I was a dinosaur I would eat everybody.
  6. Pelter

    My video.

  7. Pelter

    It's OVER 9000!!!

    The number of People that worship me.
  8. Pelter

    Off-Topic Quarter machine!(OTQM)

    You get a bomb. *Inserts quarter*
  9. Pelter

    Corrupt a wish!

    The paper dragon explodes and kills you. I wish I was good at baseball.
  10. Pelter

    say hello to my little friends

    Why is red knight smaller than green knight
  11. Pelter

    Babbit's Thread of Art (closed)

    I like the cartoony style more.
  12. Pelter

    Off-Topic Quarter machine!(OTQM)

    DNABlaster gets gum disease. *Inserts Quarter*