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  1. It's rare that I laugh out loud when watching something but I found this hilarious. The voice actor is a cherry on top. I'm glad he's in the whole game. I'm really enjoying it so far. I was skeptical for the past couple years because I never fully understood how the game was going to work until I played it for myself so I'm definitely impressed.
  2. Wow. What a pathetic person. He comes on here and says "gimme da game fo free!"....any normal person would know that's not how it works. Like a person could just go on a game forum and expect to get the game for free then? So we logically tell him " can't have the game for free. You have to pay like every other person in the world (unless you win it in a contest or something, but that's not the point.) He tells us we're all gay after that. We don't respond to his pathetic comment. Then he goes and makes a topic saying Behemoth sucks and that we all called him gay. It's a shame. Like someone said, it's a shame that there always has to be people that love to ruin things for others. Oh well, he won't be on here much longer.
  3. I'm guessing that's the robot? Eh, I see the resemblance but I highly doubt they modeled it after a CC knight. Like someone said, that's just a basic design of a robot.
  4. ...since when do you eat fruit in the weapons frog anyway? and basically everything is outside the weapons frog Anyway, I have necro too and I've never experienced that. That's weird I guess.
  5. Richie


    Because he was never made as a playable character He's a possible dlc character in future dlcs like the rest of the characters in the game that are not playable I guess.
  6. Yeah, you get to enjoy a character that has fully upgraded stats. Sorry, but that's it.
  7. I dont see anything in this link that says that they got the code from this promotion. If they did.. well, that sucks. If anyone said in the thread that they were going to sell it, of course i would not give them a code. Sorry, that last post immediately made me think that he just got it from here. But yeah, maybe he didn't. And thanks for my code.
  8. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I got one! cooooool!
  9. hmm....Apparently according to the link, this person even said he was going to sell it when he posted in the topic? Now THAT'S the sad part. I had an actual good reason for the code if you read my post. And I'm dead serious about that too. It's actually the truth...and he gets a code over me. That's something alright. EDIT: didn't see Kelly was still sending them out. sorry to be jumpy like that. Well I hope I do actually get one then.
  10. Wow, I'm surprised this didn't get more acclaim! It deserves it.
  11. Oh wow. That was seriously hilarious. I was laughing the whole time but when the pink knight part came, I seriously fell to the floor, rolling. I actually rofl'ed (Yeah that doesn't make sense but it's ok) Anyway, great job. Pink knight, though? Definitely the best part. The gray knight part was pretty great too.
  12. I like this idea more. I haven't actually seen his magic jump yet but I would like him more with the wings anyway.
  13. I like it. It's simple enough and would just make it easier for people who want to do different games.